Saturday, November 16, 2013


It has been almost 3 months since I started my job. Wait, actually it is already 3 months. Time flies fast. Ouh this time I will be writing in English. Nahhh just my broken English of course. Ahahah.

Right now I'm at home. But in KL I am renting near Pandan Indah, together with my office-house-mate buddy. My first experience renting outside. Since my study years, I never really renting. Yeah kind of suffocating my finance. Damn.

As a C & S consultant, my job is to give advice, along with the design-check-drawing-report-blablabla stuffs, but with my 3 months experiences, I guess I was the only one getting advice. It's hard, really. Things that we learned in schools, just like a tip of the ice compared to the real world. And it just getting harder. PFFFT.

The only good things about all this-give-me-headache things are the experiences. Taught me a lot. Freshie like me will just say yes when listening to boss order. Hypocrite. Hahahaha Don't even care.

This time around, I was getting busy-er. Projects come in and I can't go out. Positively, although they are hard, in the same time they benefits me. Wow. So positive of me. PFFFFT.

Almost 2 am right now, let's get into the dream world.

-_- Working the experiences.

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